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Video of Full Hot Runner Syringe Barrel Mould

Zhejiang Sol-Millennium Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd has successfully developed new full hot runner syringe molds after years of research and testing. For example, the 5ML disposable syringe barrel mold with 64 cavities, which has the following advantages:

1. The product has good concentricity. The expansion and contraction of the mold has no effect on the concentricity.

2, It is easy to remove and repair. With single cavity combination,on the injection molding machine we can quickly disassemble, troubleshoot, replace spare parts, handle vent blockage, and remove hot nozzle foreign matter . Repair time can be saved 90% compare with similar molds.

3, Room temperature cooling, energy saving. Cooling mold with 20-25 ° C water, it solves issues such as similar mold using cold water, water mist on mold surface, high power consumption. 

4. Advanced technology such as smooth gate and short cycle time.

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