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Insulin Barrel Mould

  • 0.3cc Insulin Barrel Mould

    The barrel is the part of the syringe that contains the fluid, whether it is a medication, blood or a solution drawn from the body. It is usually calibrated in tenths (a tenth is equal to 0.1 milliliters) to make precise measurements of the quantity of the fluid that is to be...
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  • 0.5cc Insulin Barrel Mould

    Syringes can differ in size and type, and they can be made of glass or plastic. The syringe chosen usually depends on its intended purpose.
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  • 1cc Insulin Barrel Mould

    The syringe consists of a plunger, barrel, hub, needle and the needle's protective cover. It is important that all parts of a syringe coming into contact with the body be kept free of contamination. Product Information
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