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Syringe Use In Modern Medical Care
Jul 09, 2018

This approach can significantly reduce accidents that doctors and nurses accidentally get stuck with when using a needle syringe. According to reports, most of the existing needle-free syringes use the force of the spring to emit liquid to the inside of the skin with strong pressure, but this may damage the nerves and also cause the patient to feel certain pain.

The syringe barrel can be made of plastic or an all-glass syringe and typically has a scale indication indicating the volume of liquid in the syringe. Glass syringes can be sterilized with autoclaves, but because modern syringes are less expensive to process, modern medical syringes are mostly made of plastic, which further reduces the risk of blood-borne diseases. The spread of disease among drug users who are intravenously drug-injected, especially the spread of HIV and hepatitis, is associated with repeated use of needles and syringes.

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