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Interview With Lin Zuoqian, President Of The Provincial High-tech Enterprise Zhejiang Sol-millennium Plastic Mould Co.Ltd.
Dec 07, 2018

Q3: What is the current annual output value of the company?

A: The development and growth of the company, in addition to external factors, there are also internal factors, this is no exception. After more than 20 years of experience accumulation and constant capital accumulation, Qianshaoguang has developed from a factory with an area of less than 10 mu and a staff of less than 100. It is now a disposable sterile syringe mold. The perfect product pattern of medical equipment plastic molds such as needle holders, sheaths and infusion sets, and high-tech enterprises with an annual output value of 20 million yuan. Through the unremitting efforts of all employees, we have achieved an annual output value of 20 million yuan, but we have a bigger goal: on the basis of today, we will triple in 2015 and expect to achieve an annual output value of 60 million yuan.

Q4: What caused the company's output value to grow rapidly, and ensure that the company can reach the goal of 60 million  in 2015?

A: First of all, this is inseparable from the fact that the employees of the company regard their work as a vocation. It is with their perseverance and hard work that they have today's millennium.

Secondly, in terms of product manufacturing, we have two advantages. The first is the technical advantage. In addition to professional syringe mold development, manufacturing, sales and sales, Millennium is also an absolute advantage in the development of safe and self-destructing syringes. Up to now, we have obtained 40 national utility model patents and 12 invention patents. Some invention patents have been tested by PCT and entered many countries and regions. This is a disposable syringe, I will give you a demonstration. The author noticed that he slowly pushed the push rod to the bottom, collided with the needle seat, and when pulled back, the needle seat was brought back into the syringe. "This is much safer, so that the used needles will not touch others." Lin said. "At present, this kind of safe disposable syringe is very popular in developed countries. Our company in the United States and Australia has received several orders, the amount has reached two or three hundred million, and the production target has been completed in the first year. I believe that there will be more orders in this situation. Mr. Lin has a deep smile. The safety and self-destructive syringes developed by Millennium are unique in terms of technology, cost, mass production, and automatic assembly. Entering the international market has laid a solid foundation.

The second is the concept advantage. “building a healthier tomorrow” is the philosophy we have always been adhering to. Nowadays, the safe use of medical supplies is increasingly valued by the public, especially the use of disposable medical supplies. Qiangguang kept up with the requirements of the times, and responded to the national standards of disposable infusion sets, syringes, blood vessels and other products and the mandatory requirements from physical, chemical and biological aspects in response to the Ministry of Health. With its unique design, high-quality products and competitive cost advantages, Millennium will provide customers with the best syringe molds and syringe products, promote safe injection concepts and serve human health worldwide.

In addition, in order to better transform technology into products, serve customers. In February 2007, Wenling Qianshaoguang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was formally established to develop and sell safe syringes and self-destructing syringes. In August of the same year, Office was established in Shanghai, and then Office was established in Australia and the United States. Millennium Light is committed to becoming one of the world's premier suppliers of safe syringes and self-destructing syringes.

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