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Interview With Lin Zuoqian, Chairman Of The Provincial High-tech Enterprise Zhejiang Sol-millennium Plastic Mould Co.Ltd.
Nov 30, 2018

Q2: How do you manage such a big company? What is the company's corporate culture?

A: The management of domestic enterprises today is mainly based on the pyramid management model with Confucian management as the core. This management method dominates the domestic corporate culture. In fact, Confucianism is inconsistent with the market economy. It has largely led to the management of the enterprise only in the form of pyramid-like centralized management—the sage is supreme, the last is not only, the bureaucracy is rampant, and the upper level is lacking. Supervision and checks and balances, depending on employees as slaves. Confucian culture is more embodied in the culture of “Sage is supreme”, and it lacks the spirit of humanity, care and unity. In today's world, we advocate "people-oriented" and demand humanity in all walks of life and in all aspects. I think this is more evident in the Western Christian culture. "It is only in the midst of you. If anyone among you is willing to be great, you will be your servant. Whoever is willing to be the first will be compared to your servant. Just as the Son of Man comes not to be served, but to serve. And you have to give up your life and make a ransom for many people." This is the Bible. A passage in the Gospel of Matthew contains the secret of becoming a successful leader - "servant leadership."

  About 60% of our company's employees are Christian believers. Every morning, they will pray in earnest. In their eyes, they either eat or drink, whatever they do, they must do it for the glorious Lord. The world is their monastery. In their view, work is a vocation. It has two meanings. First, work is the mission of the Lord, and it is our sacred duty. Therefore, we must work hard, dedication, excellence, and work as a valuable asset. Second, since work is the Lord's profession, it is necessary to follow the Lord's righteousness, holiness, and love in the work. When they are working, they will work hard with a full service heart, do everything, have the heart of the main work, and regard the work as a matter of glory. This also creates a corporate culture of “dedication, unity and friendship”. I don't want to ask this question again. If a company's management can be as appealing as religion, then what kind of business will this enterprise be? If everyone treats everything as a god Work, then there will be unsatisfied customers?

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