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Interview With Lin Zuoqian :Advantages Of Hot Runner Mould
Dec 15, 2018

Q5: Nowadays, the world is paying attention to environmental protection and energy conservation and developing a low-carbon economy. What plans does Qianguang have in these areas?

A: The production of disposable products produced by the company uses the full hot runner jacket mold developed by ourselves. Nowadays, many medical device companies that produce disposable sterile syringe molds use cold runner jacket molds. This mold not only saves resources and reduces environmental pollution, but also has the biggest disadvantage of being easy to generate dust and giving disposable sterilizing. The syringe is contaminated and used on the patient, and allergies may occur at a serious point. The new hot runner jacket mold developed by our company can be different. “The whole hot runner jacket mold is heated by electric heating wire all the way, from raw material flow to forming a disposable syringe, which basically avoids dust pollution.”

The application of this technology has developed rapidly in foreign countries, and the production of hot runner molds in some of the more developed countries and regions is extremely active. The proportion of hot runner molds has been increasing over the past few years. Many small mold factories with less than 10 foreigners can produce hot runner molds. In general, North America and Europe use hot runner technology for a long time, with more experience and higher levels. In Asia, the technology is also widely used in Singapore and South Korea. However, the development of China's hot runner mold market is still in its infancy, and the proportion of its application is gradually increasing, but it is less than 10% overall. This huge gap means that the industry has considerable market space. Lin Zuoqian said, "The hot runner mold will definitely become a trend in the mold industry. In Europe and the United States, injection molding has relied on hot runner technology. It can be said that molds without hot runner technology will be difficult to export in the future. ”

Q6: In addition to environmental protection, hot runner molds have other advantages?

A: This mold is not only environmentally friendly but also efficient. First of all, because there is no limitation of the cooling time of the sprue system, the parts can be ejected in time after solidification, no need to trim the gate and recycle the processing of the cold runner. The molding cycle of the mold can be less than 5 seconds, which is greatly shortened. The molding cycle. Second, it uses electronic system control for automated production. Not only that, but its footprint is still very small, a 64-gun full hot runner jacket mold, the equivalent of two or three 48 gun cold runner jacket mold. In this way, a full hot runner jacket mold can save nearly 700,000 yuan. At present, a set of 48 gun cold runner jacket molds can only be used for three or four times a minute, while a 64-gun full hot runner jacket mold can be used for seven or eight molds. The number is also three or four times the original, and sales have increased by three or four times. It took more than two years of research and development to develop this full-heat runner mold. It was just developed at the end of last year and was included in the city's major scientific and technological support projects. Some well-informed medical device manufacturers have placed more than 1 million yuan in orders when we have not yet developed them. We sent the money to our company account a year ago. On the one hand, they want to get the molds earlier, on the other hand they also hope that we can develop successfully, which is a good news for the national medical device manufacturers, Lin said happily.

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