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All-glass Syringe Infusion Bag Permeability Tester Instrument Features
Jul 09, 2018

1. The software interface is simple, easy to operate, fully automatic test, automatically save the experiment report, print transmittance and other parameters and curves;

2. Large-scale maintenance-free design, stable operation, and overpressure safety protection;

3. International cutting-edge electromagnetic program step temperature control technology, automatic temperature rise and temperature reduction, variable temperature rate adjustable, temperature control accuracy up to ±0.01 ° C;

4. Unique cavity and gas path design, using professional sensors, high precision and good stability;

5. The blue LCD screen operation layer is configured on the main unit of the instrument, and various parameters are displayed at the same time;

6. Transmittance, pressure, differential pressure, temperature real-time display, operating parameter curve display, easy to track the operating state of the instrument; 10. Standard membrane calibration and pressure correction mode;

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