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Use and maintenance of infusion sets
Jul 09, 2018

Infusion sets can generally be divided into two categories: one for infusion sets and the other for microinjectors. The infusion set is mainly designed for patient infusion. It can accurately give liquid according to the needs. The micro-injector is mainly used when the output is small in unit time or has high precision per unit time. It is most suitable for manual operation. Drug, micro drip. It is currently widely used in the rescue and monitoring of critically ill patients, such as intravenous infusion, arterial infusion, peritoneal dialysis, contrast agents, anesthetic injection.

Use and maintenance of infusion sets

Peristaltic infusion sets should pay attention to the infusion set and the infusion strip should match, adjust the intake speed as needed, and start working. The micro syringe syringe should be of the specified type. If the replacement syringe causes an error in the injection of liquid per unit time, the feed rate must also be adjusted. When using, pay special attention not to drip the liquid on the instrument. If it occurs, it should be dried in time to prevent the liquid from entering the machine and causing the machine to malfunction. It is also necessary to measure the indicators of the infusion set according to the instructions, the most important being the accuracy test.

 The general infusion set can be composed of a liquid propulsion device, a digital display, a control part and an alarm part. The pushing device can be divided into peristaltic, rolling, piston and screw syringes. At present, most of the infusions use peristaltic type. It is a row of presser foot that sequentially squeezes and loosens the strips to achieve the effect of propelling the liquid. In this way, the pressing of the presser foot is like the creeping method, which speeds up. The creep frequency increases the liquid flow rate. The micro syringe uses a screw to change the rotational motion into a linear motion. On the side of the screw, there is a linear grating that moves with it, which can accurately measure the flow rate with an accuracy of 0.1ml/h. The power of the pushing device is generally a hollow cup motor. This motor has a small moment of inertia. Control, the motor voltage is DC pulse, and there is a grating on the motor shaft to control the rotation of the motor.

Since the liquid is directly input into the patient's vein, which is related to the safety of the patient to a large extent, it is necessary to have an alarm system to stop the infusion in time when an abnormal situation occurs, and to issue a light alarm and a sounding alarm, which is promptly handled by the medical staff. The alarm can have a pressure alarm for the infusion tube to block. There can be a liquid alarm for the knowledge liquid to run out and the bubble alarm inside the infusion tube. The operating state of all functions is performed by a microprocessor.

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