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Repair and maintenance of needleless syringes
Jul 09, 2018

Repair and maintenance

1. The needle-free syringe should be stored in a state where the safety lock and the injection button are not popped up.

2. Please do not expose the syringe and its accessories to strong light for a long time.

3. The syringe should be stored away from children.

4. Do not place the syringe in water or other liquids.

5. Avoid storing the syringe in the refrigerator.

6. Avoid dropping the syringe from a height.


1. All outer surfaces of the syringe can be wiped with 75% alcohol, but alcohol should not flow into the syringe.

2. Avoid contact with the syringe with any other chemical solvent such as thinner.

3. The disinfection method of the medicine tube should start the spiral disinfection at the top small hole in the initial use, and ensure that the hand can not touch the top to prevent contamination of the medicine tube. When used again, it is necessary to perform spiral sterilization again, and the top cap of the tube should be disinfected together.


When you hear the sound of the injection button, you can no longer continue to rotate the syringe, otherwise it will cause damage to the syringe.

The maximum injection dose for needle-free syringes is 50 units.

If you need to inject more than 50 units, you need to inject twice.

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