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How to prevent disposable infusion sets from being recycled
Jul 09, 2018

In the previous news, a more shocking news was revealed, that is, many disposable cups, fresh-keeping bags, etc. were made using medical waste recycling. Most of the medical waste here is a one-time use infusion set, a single use infusion connection tube, a disposable syringe, and the like.

Since the regulations are one-off, there must be a reason for it. Once the infusion set is used, there will be drug residues. These may have certain hidden dangers. Therefore, it is stipulated that these disposable infusion sets are to be carried out. Centralized recycling processing. The news here is that the hospital's cleaning staff secretly sent the medical waste to the waste collection station. Although it is known that these are non-recyclable medical waste, due to the trend of interest, many recycler owners are still allowed. adventure.

So how to prevent this phenomenon from appearing. Here, hospitals and other units can use the metering and recycling system to control, and set up special personnel to be responsible for the fixed-point recycling work. The disposable medical supplies after use are not exchanged one-on-one, minimizing the number of disposable medical supplies after use and use. For more contact, we will measure the commonly used syringes and infusion sets, and multiply the unit by the amount of the hospital's annual purchase. The total amount of the products is compared with the amount of recycling. The total amount of disposable medical supplies in our hospital is lower than the amount of recycling. 15%~20%, because the disposable medical supplies after recycling have residual liquid, so the weight may exceed the hospital's purchase amount. Disposable syringe manufacturers can avoid the recycling of medical waste such as disposable infusion sets.

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