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Advantages and disadvantages of needleless syringes
Jul 09, 2018


1, can not see the needles that people are afraid, the psychological resistance to treatment will be minimized, the compliance of treatment will increase, especially for children with diabetes.

2, insulin treatment of diabetes patients is not easy, holding tummy every day, day after day, can be more comfortable, let's have fun.

3, no needles, naturally will not "broken needles", naturally more safe.

4. Some patients carry infectious diseases, even those with serious infectious diseases. The popularity of needle-free syringes can minimize the risk of medical treatment during treatment, and also reduce the trouble and cost of medical waste disposal.

5, simple, pressurize the adjustment scale, press the injection button when the injection is OK, a single injection can be repeated multiple times, for different skin characteristics, from fat to thin, there are compression injection, pinch injection and suede Injecting three injection methods, compared with the traditional needle injection, can be operated without the special skill and skill of the needle, which is convenient for others and for self-injection.

6, save medicine and save money. Since the consequences of injection change, the transdermal diffusion technique differs from the traditional needle injection in that the bioavailability of insulin is increased, and the onset time of the drug is shortened and the cost of the drug is reduced. The body of the needle-free injector can be used thousands of times, or it can be used by different patients, and the economy is greatly improved.

7. There is no formation of induration after repeated injections at the injection site. No other substances enter the body, and all the substances that can be absorbed into the body are clean and simple.


1. Compared to conventional syringes, needleless syringes are more expensive.

2, because the injection process is mild and rapid, obviously different from the traditional syringe, so there will be occasional worry about whether the liquid is successfully injected, and it takes time to adapt.

3. Because the needleless syringe structure is more complicated, the volume is larger than the conventional needle syringe.

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